IDE for Corona SDK

After considering different options, we chose Corona as the mobile app development framework to develop our graphic novel for iPad (and if possible also Android tablets). Corona uses Lua, a fast, lightweight, embeddable scripting language, and claims to be “the current leading scripting language in games.”

To develop in Lua and Corona, you need to write your code using a text editor that supports Lua, such as TextWrangler for mac or BBEdit (both of them by Bare Bones Software). However, neither of these is a developing environment, and present serious limitations. We decided to do further research on the best editors for Lua, and after going into blogs/forums and various websites, we discovered Lua Glider (formerly “Cider” at the time that we found it). Glider is a development environment (IDE) for Corona SDK to develop mobile apps. It costs $29.99, which is a great investment for your apps. You can find more information on their website: